Introducing Julia Mattys & The Collection

Julia Mattys.

Master of Comparative Literature – entirely superfluous information since a degree says little of a person. Passionate about literature and philosophy since I learned of their existence; arts and music since childhood; and everything that creates a dialog between beauty and faith in God. Originally from the beautiful coastline of Mediterranean France, I now live in Brisbane with my little family. That is where I write from.

‘The Collection’

The extraordinary productivity of literature, the arts, music, cinema, architecture, put simply of human creativity, often causes in me both blissful admiration and something of a cultural paralysis. In an effort to bridge these extremes, I am writing a blog entitled ‘The Collection’, which I dedicate to the discovery, the wonderment, the pondering and the memory of selected works. Because human creativity is, to me, intimately related to the transcendent, I will follow the path traced by its presence conscious or unconscious in works, if such a path exists. Indeed, creativity speaks so often of both man and God, in many ways, and that is perhaps the reason why we cannot escape the various and strong emotions we feel in the presence of works of art. Enjoy ‘The Collection’!

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